Please welcome our newest board member, Lisa Xiong!

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Please welcome our newest board member, Lisa Xiong! We are excited to have a great new addition to our board and business community!
Lisa Xiong has over 12 years of working in community development, with emphasis on small businesses and the workforce. She is an entrepreneur by nature – challenging herself to follow her dreams while building a financial legacy for her family. Her first business was an interpreting agency where she consulted for private researchers, legal offices, and clinics. Lisa currently operates as a part-time life insurance producer and yoga teacher with a full-time position working with small businesses across the country. All of what Lisa does professionally goes back to her passion for helping others achieve self-sufficiency and empowerment. Lisa’s hope as an MHCC board member is to use her experiences and knowledge to help other small businesses in our Hmong community to thrive competitively in the business market and build longevity – to continue to advance the economic power of our people to participate in the mainstream economy.
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May Yang-Her
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