Please welcome our newest board member, Choua Chang!

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Please welcome our newest board member, Choua Chang, CEO and Principal Consultant of Initiate Concept Inc!
Choua is an entrepreneur, brand builder, strategic connector, and visionary leader with a track record of building high-performance teams in large, complex Fortune 500 organizations. She is also the Co-founder of Hmong Women Today, one of the largest Hmong Women organizations in the world with over 9,500 members, and 5 regions. She has over 18 years of progressive experience delivering effective technology strategies and IT governance solutions. She is currently the CEO and Principal Consultant at Initiate Concept Inc, an IT business strategy and solutions firm, based in Saint Paul Minnesota.
Originally from California, Choua relocated to Saint Paul in August of 2019, a year after visiting the city and falling in love with the community and culture of a progressive Hmong community. Since her relocation, she has established roots and other businesses that are now thriving in the Hmong Community. Having lived, invested, and worked along-side entrepreneurs across diverse regions, Choua brings a unique first-hand experience and a deep understanding of what it takes to survive and thrive in a varying economic climate. Choua is a firm believer that every person possesses a unique gift and has the capacity to manifest their gift into a vision of success by one’s own definition and is committed to helping others cultivate a life of passion, balance, and rewards.
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