Restaurant Revitalization Fund Portal is now Open for Registration

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The Restaurant Revitalization Fund was established to assist businesses where the public or patrons assemble for the primary purpose of being served food or drink including restaurants, bars, bakeries, breweries, wineries, distilleries, etc.  SBA is encouraging all restaurants to apply as soon as the portal opens at 11:00 a.m. CT on Monday, May 3, even those not in a priority group. The information below should help you be prepared when that window opens.  In preparation for the Monday launch of the Restaurant Revitalization Fund you can:

1) Sign up to receive updates – Small Business Administration (SBA) (

2) Register in the application portal – SBA Restaurant Revitalization Fund::. This is the same portal you will use on Monday, May 3 at 11:00 am CT. You only need an email address and U.S. phone number to get registered.

4) Visit the Restaurant Revitalization Fund website at Restaurant Revitalization Fund ( Pay special attention to the links below for answers to questions.

     a. Restaurant Revitalization Funding Program Guide ( updated 4/28/2021

     b. Restaurant Revitalization Fund Knowledge Base – SBA Restaurant Program ( updated frequently

     c. Webinar: Special briefing on RRF with SBA and Public Private Strategies Institute overview of RRF

     d. Webinar: Learn how to apply for RRF overview of portal

4) Print and fill out the application to be prepared for the questions that will be asked in the portal (Restaurant Revitalization Funding Application Sample (

5) Review the documents requirements in 3 and 4 above and have them ready to be uploaded on Monday.

6) Contact call center support at 1.844.279.8898 with questions.


May Yang-Her
Author: May Yang-Her