Social Sales Mindset and Business Accelerator

Increase Your Sales on Social Media to High Value

Presenter: Better With Company
Instructor: Elizabeth Yang, High Ticket Sales Mindset Coach
Registration Closes: 4/23/24 at 11:59pm
Dates: Dates: 5/21/24 – 8/7/24 (In-Person 5/25 Kick-Off Required)
Time: Tuesdays 5-7 pm (Class) & Wednesdays 5-6 pm (Coaching)


The new way to sell is on social media. The #1 secret ​to converting organic leads into high ticket sales for your professional services is to improve your online presence to become the first choice with daily key actions on social media.

Many don’t know the difference between marketing versus sales on social media. Posting alone is not enough to get sales online and taking a sleazy approach to social selling quickly gets you BLOCKED! Your ​next income growth ​requires you to adapt (social media is not going away) and combine mindset and daily key actions ​to get faster sales results ​with your dreamy clients!

The Social Sales Mindset & Business Accelerator is a 12-week online session empowering business owners to boost social media sales with a high worth mindshift. Participants enhance their mindset, beliefs, online presence, and messaging, transforming into a compelling leadership brand to attract ideal customers. This session focuses on increasing self-worth to sell high ticket services on social media. It includes optimizing profiles, implementing a daily how-to system, and covering three key aspects: 1) High Worth CEO Mindset, 2) Social Media Profile Optimization, and 3) Daily Sales System. Limited to 20 participants.

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benefits and expected outcomes


Here is where your 12-weeks of live training and coaching with Elizabeth Yang comes in …

In this hands-on, online accelerator, Elizabeth Yang, monetization strategist & high ticket sales mindset coach, shows you how to optimize your social media and the simple daily how-to system to start conversations with your ideal premium clients to convert into sales on social media. She specializes in high ticket sales (the higher end, more expensive option out of your offerings) with mindset and monetization strategies on social media.

There are 3 secrets to unlocking your next potential income level that you can benefit from:

Sales Secret #1: Activate The Power Of High Worth Mindshift

The EXACT CONFIDENCE required to command higher ticket sales that comes from increasing your SELF-WORTH to believe and feel worthy of receiving THAT MUCH. Your worthiness sets the ceiling for your income potential. The high worth mindshift is focused on raising your self-worth to increase your confidence to be able to show up CONSISTENTLY to be VISIBLE and command high ticket sales.

Sales Secret #2: Social Media Optimization

The EXACT SHIFTS required to elevate a premium social media presence and profile that attracts PREMIUM, self-responsible clients who are ready to invest. You’ll get the exact steps to creating clear messaging that makes you a trusted authority.

Sales Secret #3: Daily Sales System to Nurture

My EXACT SYSTEM step-by-step … all the way from daily posts to position yourself as the FIRST CHOICE for premium customers and become highly sought after to the daily sales habits for nurturing and follow up.

Who is the training session for?


  • You’re interested in a deeper understanding of how to sell your professional service online using social media to generate more organic leads
  • You want to know the secret to creating repeatable marketing and sales systems to scale and grow with tech and building the right win/win team
  • You want a greater sense of confidence in yourself with your sales approach that’s classy and not sleazy
  • You desire to be surrounded by circles of influence that are compassionate achievers, yet relationship sales-oriented so that you can stay motivated and accountable
  • You’ve operated your service-based business full-time for a minimum of two years and you still haven’t reached your targeted sales and income goals

Find out what’s possible for you with REAL RESULTS from past participant Case Studies here


To be eligible for the session, participants must meet the following criteria:

  • Identify as Southeast Asian or Southeast Asian descent
  • Resident of Minnesota
  • Become a member of The Minnesota Hmong Chamber of Commerce (MHCC) if not already
  • Eligible participants must be a full-time business owner or a business operator (working in someone’s business) that’s been operating for a minimum of two years and be open to disclosing sales/revenue information for pre- and post-assessment program evaluation


All session participants will be expected to complete the following during or after the session is completed.

  • Participants must be open to learning, coaching and receiving feedback from Elizabeth Yang
  • Participants must be committed to growing an online presence and sales online
  • Participants must have access to a working laptop or computer and video/microphone to join the weekly calls hosted on Zoom and turn on their cameras. Video cameras are REQUIRED to be turned on.
  • Participants must be willing to optimize their social media profile (Facebook Personal profile; not Facebook Business page or a Facebook Group) and complete pre-work in advance
  • Participants must commit to attending each session online on time and can not miss more than 1 session. If a participant will miss a session or is running late, please notify the trainer.
    Attend at least one MHCC event, including the required in-person events as noted by this program
  • Participants must be willing to give Elizabeth Yang a video case study of your experiences and results
  • Participants must agree to maintain the confidentiality of the discussions shared during the duration of the program. Any breach in confidentiality may result in being removed from the program at the sole discretion of the trainer.
  • Participants acknowledge that all information shared and provided during this program remains the intellectual property of Elizabeth Yang with Better With Company LLC and will not be distributed without permission.

PLEASE NOTE: DEED requires certain participant information, such as proof of residency, Social Security Number, Individual Goal Plan, and attendance records, for grant purposes. Rest assured that your data will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and used solely for the grant application process.

In addition to MHCC and DEED’s requirements, this session requires all participants to have access to a computer/laptop, have access to an internet connection, have access to a smartphone with a minimum of 64 gigabytes of available storage, and have a social media dedicated for business purposes with less than 10,000 followers.

For any additional questions about this course, please contact Elizabeth Yang at

About The Presenter

Elizabeth Yang helps purpose-driven, service-based entrepreneurs reach their wildest possibilities by achieving their faster sales goal using social media as the main organic source for generating leads.

She is a high ticket sales mindset coach, online monetization expert and hypnotherapist. She’s founder and CEO of Better With Company, a high-touch business consulting and training agency. They specialize in high ticket sales and lead generation, charging more, high performance, leadership, and talent & team optimization.
Elizabeth has 10 years of experience in innovation and product marketing with Fortune 10 companies. Others describe me as an energetic and passionate speaker, trainer, mentor, and powerhouse. Most recently I was called the “Monetization Queen” thanks to my ability to help clients charge 2X-25X more creating premium brands.

Her thriving business now grew as a side hustle while working full-time in corporate, raising a family, and spending a whole lot of time mentoring and giving back to my community.

She’s learned a lot and now wants to show you the simplest, fastest way to cut through the BS to design a business and life of your wildest possibilities so that you can enjoy and make a greater impact. She’s made lots of mistakes. Spent thousands of dollars investing in the wrong things and getting distracted by “shiny objects”. She’s been there…to push through the parenting guilt and feeling “enough” to get to this point.

She’s an ex-corporate-r. This work is rooted in her geeky passion for human centered design thinking, drawing from her careers in product development, customer experience, and innovation at Fortune 100 companies. She was in emerging technology and managed global teams. Now she’s perfected it for business owners, founders, and entrepreneurs, like you to achieve happy sales for legendary living.

Why? Because I know many of you don’t have the HUGE budgets, scale and resources that these companies have. But you probably want to get there 🙂 and I’d love to show you how.