What is Minnesota Hmong Chamber of commerce?

We are a member driven organization dedicated to creating opportunities that cultivate relationships in the endeavor to promote the growth and longevity of each member businesses.


  • We Promote Your Business
  • We Provide Networking Opportunities
  • We Advocate for Our Members with Government
  • We seek to Build Programs and Events to Grow Business and Community
  • Strengthening Our Community and the Local Economy
Our Goal

To utilize the vast resources of our membership pool to develop programs that strengthen the image and performance of our members.

Our Commitment

To provide opportunities for our members to network and support each other economically, socially and politically.

Our Vision
We envision being the leading entity for a thriving Hmong business community.
Our Mission

To grow and sustain businesses through engagement, collaboration, and advocacy.

Our Committee

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee develops and maintains knowledge of government programs and resources for businesses. The Committee also provides opportunities to develop meaningful relationships with legislators and other policy makers. By connecting community members with policymakers, the Chamber aims to ensure long-term sustainability of Hmong-owned businesses.

Ambassador Committee

The Ambassador Committee oversees a valued group of volunteers who represent the Chamber’s mission and values out in the community. The Committee executes strategies to recruit and retain business leaders who are passionate about developing a thriving community of entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals. Ambassadors also represent their businesses and community alongside the Chamber throughout the State and potentially throughout the country.

Business Development Committee

The Business Development and Events Committee connect members to one another and to valuable resources such as professional development, networking, community service projects and annual Hmong Chamber events. Members remain an important component of the Chamber and we strive to offer impactful programming to strengthen the local business community. Our annual events are a great opportunity to showcase our members, volunteers and other leaders paving the way for the others.

Event Committee

The Events Committee creates opportunities for its members to connect, collaborate and grow there business. Our annual events are a great opportunity to showcase our members, volunteers and other leaders paving the way for the others.